Reach Sports registration opens September 15, 2019

For Parents

Be a winning parent!

As a parent, you play a vital role in building the self esteem and character of your child as well as every child in a Reach Sports league. Your child and their teammates will look to their parents, coaches and referees as models for sportsmanship, respect for authority and positive attitudes. Through your positive participation in this league, you can influence these children well beyond the end of each season.


Parents are asked to:

  • Make sure their child arrives 15 minutes ahead of scheduled practices and 30 minutes ahead of scheduled games. 
  • Support coaches by allowing them to give instruction and feedback to their teams. Directions from multiple sources can cause confusion for players. 
  • Have a conversation with your child after practice, including asking about the discussion topic that was shared. 
  • Reinforce positive actions and messages from games and practices. Look for ways to encourage your child. 
  • Cheer for both teams, helping to create an environment where every child is supported. 
  • Support the volunteer referee with positive comments only. They are giving their time to your child. 
  • Join your child after games and cheer for each player as their coach gives positive feedback to them.